Off for a while…

Life gets… busy, complicated, noisy…

unplugI have a lot on my mind and on my plate now; constantly questioning myself thus I feel the need to air out my mind. I’ll be staying off all social networks except maybe Twitter (though I may let go of that as well). I will only be accessible via email or phone. I do not know how long this will last but I need my space.


Weekly Cravings 14032k14


My current bottle of Estee Lauder Sensuous Nude is almost empty

My eyes need glasses and I’ve had the prescription for a while now

I’ve have this book on my wishlist for a very long time

Mother Nature teased us with one day of spring weather and the next day we were back to Ice Age :( spring is actually my favorite season after fall

Speaking of spring, I went window shopping on Sunday and decided I want this boots

P.S. Today is Pi day

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Living happy

I stumbled on Sofia’s Journal‘s 100 Things That Make Me Happy and I started my list hoping I would have 100 in 50 weeks or less (fingers crossed).

I have done #1 – #5#6 – #10#11 – #15#16 – #20#21-#25#26 – #30#31 – #35#36 – #40, #41 – #50. I realized I haven’t continued this since August so I’m posting 10 things  again as opposed to my usual 5 per post. By the way, I’ve compiled my list of 100 60 things that make me happy.

#51. Manicured nails art

#52. Finding useful DIYs

#53. Creating menus for events

#54. Typography

#55. Not choosing between apps, pictures and music on my iPhone a.k.a. iPod Nano

#56. Bright open spaces.

#57. Learning more about colors

ROY G. BIV by Jude Stewart

#58. Handwritten notes

#59. Witty 404 pages

ERROR 404: We didn't so to say exactly find the page you were looking 4

#60. Working on new personal projects

p.s. this is my 100th post :)

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Finding purpose and heroes

I’ve spent my life wanting to be someone else and trying to shape myself into who I am not. I’ve also attempted to spend my life being who others expect of me. One thing I am slowly learning in all this is how much of a colossal failure I’ve become. By neglecting who I am truly meant to be, I have become of gumbo of different characters that I sometimes hate to look at in the mirror.

This past year, I like to think I have achieved feats in personal development. While I am still not the person I want to look at in the mirror and be proud, I am on the journey to being that child with a curious outlook of life and great disregard for distracting paths. Continue reading