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I think I get where Feminist are coming from. The idea that the world should stop being patriarchal and start seeing women as people.

The only problem is the ideology largely perpetuated is by radicals. The notion that women are equal to men and a feminist that marries a dude is a hypocrite. Plu-ease!

Where do I agree? Obviously women are actually people. Would a dude in his right mind want to really get intimate with anything other than a person? Duh!

I do not like the idea of a woman naked to get really sexy but a guy? oh no! why should he? He just needs to stay in his shorts and show his abs as distraction.

No! I don’t really want to see his privates. I just don’t want the girl to have to show hers.

NO! I am not a feminist!

Seriously though, I think it is pretty obvious that women are people and they need to be recognized. That is not rocket science!

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