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One a Day

Ignore the drug the title brings to mind. No drug? Then ignore this line

In lieu of randomness, I decided to have a section where I share one random picture a day(weekends optional). This is going to be a challenge because I’ve lost the urge to take random pictures (I think).

Now, I would state my qualification, amateur enthusiastic picture taker. There you have it, maybe as I progress, I would get better, who knows? But the amateur is a lifelong thing. The main camera would be a Fujifilm FinePix S1800(on loan from a friend), others could include my Blackberry9800 or a friend’s phone. I will try to mention what I use every time.

So I’m looking pictures online to attach to this post and I come across this which is where I got my cover picture from. What is better than photos? Poems/ Quotes written on the pictures.

No! I am not going to write any poem or line on my pictures (maybe along the line).

Apart from the attached picture, any picture in the challenge would be mine and should not be used without permission and acknowledgement. Those are my simple terms & conditions subject to further revision.

*Image gotten from Bumbles & Light


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