Commuting is a tough life, struggle! From the subways(RT), to the buses(BRT) and streetcars(LRT). The worst is the streetcars. Before I continue, I feel some background is required.I live in the greater area of Toronto, Canada and I work downtown like really downtown.

Back to streetcars. They can only roam about downtown. Good thing because they are ridiculously sometimes slow and extra packed during rush hour. I once saw a guy contort because he was trying to fit in and didn’t want to wait for the next streetcar. It was funny to watch and I would say that brightened my day.

I use all method of commuting shy of biking to get to work everyday. There is always a delay or the vehicle going out of service. As a result (my assumptions) people always rush to enter the first one in sight. You never know when the next functioning one might come and nobody want to be late.

Now this is the current image of our streetcars

One last thing, I am trying to look for a picture of an artwork done on subway maps in four cities. I was going to include it in the post, that’s why it wasn’t up yesterday. If you know where I can find it please leave a link in the comment. Thanks 🙂

I’m excited for the photo challenge starting on Monday!!!


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