Daily Prompt, General


You have the choice to erase one incident from your past, as though it never happened. What would you erase and why?

I know you like it so why would you not take it

“I made a promise and I am going to regret this”

What promise?” *laughs*

“It was mainly for myself, that’s what they said by I did it for them”

Well I guess you should not do it then…

That look said it all… I was going to hurt someone regardless of my decision…why did I have to make the promise? why couldn’t I have just been trusted to stick with my guts?

Well if they think I will slide then there’s no point keeping the promise…

“No…” I say “I can do this”

I looked at the candy and then tasted it.

I cannot erase any part of me but if I could; the moment I give in easily to what was right in front of me because I think it would spite someone. I use candy above because at those moments it feels like taking candy, so irresistible but I regret it 😦


7 thoughts on “Temptations

  1. I wish I never tasted Kettle Chips for this same reason – and yes, I am a couple days late on this prompt but wanted to see what other people wrote on the topic – love it if you had time to stop by my place 🙂

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