Oxygen and Tears

Tuti I will be moving out next week, what day are you free for us to go out together”

I feel a lump in my throat, my chest is tightening, the past five years flash before my eyes and my eyes start to water.


I cannot stop this. I need to compose myself, this is not professional behavior.


This is my “best friend” whom I have grown distant with over the past year or so. She tried to reach out, I’ve tried less and thought about giving up.


When I have anything to discuss or need advice, I still turned to her and she gave me.


😦 I’ve got work rest of the week but I’m free weekend

Moving to a foreign country alone was easier because we did it together. I though the only distance we would ever have will be the night we argued and I said you should never talk to me again then I forgot in the morning and called you.

Ok maybe Sunday

I will admit this now I think I got jealous and did not want to share you with anyone. So the distance was my fault even thought I blamed you. You may never read this but I am still sorry I never seem to make an effort.

Okay. Sunday it is.



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