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Daily Prompt

Meet Bellamy

Tell us about a time you did a 180 — changed your views on something, reversed a decision, or acted in a way you ordinarily don’t.

This a story about Tuti and Bellamy*.

[Warning: I talk about myself in the third person]

You’ve met Tuti, now meet Bellamy. They met through a mutual volunteer program.

Some how both caught each other’s radar.  Tuti taunts Bellamy about a signature of his.

Tuti notices Bellamy is pretty hot. Tuti shuts that emotion and still taunts Bellamy.

Bellamy wants to talk to Tuti about somethings so they fix a date. At Tuti’s apartment.

Tuti flirts with Bellamy. The date occurs. Tuti and Bellamy shared some kisses.

several weeks later

Tuti: Hi Bellamy!

Bellamy: Hey! How are you?

T: Good. I’m planning on watching a movie on Saturday. Wanna go together?

T: We could get dinner before we watch the movie.

B: Are you asking me out?

T: Uhm… I don’t know… Somewhat

B: Okay. I have work and hockey so maybe after if it’s not too late

The first time I asked a guy out, somewhat. It felt very weird and that was one time I beat myself up for every message I sent. Every fiber in my body seemed to be struggling to rejecting the process.

Safe to say, the dinner/ movie date never happened. I don’t plan on asking a guy out again anytime soon.

*Name changed


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