Daily Prompt, General

Ceteris paribus

What are you more comfortable with — routine and planning, or laissez-faire spontaneity?

Shek:Tuti, you need to constant check your calendar…when someone ask you about a date, you should say “Wait! I’ll check my calendar and let you know”


Tami:Hey! I’ve got this event…wanna come?

Me: Uhm…sure, sign me up

[checks calendar]

Me: Hey Tami, I can’t make it 😦 I’ve got something else that day


DJ: I know you’re busy Tuti with all your stuff but can we just take this moment…

Elle: Don’t tell me you can’t make it again

Those are just excerpts from different moments of my life.

I recall being younger and being mocked for carrying a planner; I thought it was fancy even though I had nothing to put in it.

Two years ago, a planner became a daily fixture in my life with my different involvements and all that jazz.

I want to be spontaneous…wake up one day and take that 3.5 days train ride from Toronto to Vancouver (money be damned). But I have work, I have a life plan, albeit not complete but it’s getting there.

Maybe if I hit jackpot, I’ll become spontaneous again…or like I learnt in Econ classes, “all things being equal…”


2 thoughts on “Ceteris paribus

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