Master Jack

When I grow up, I want to be a polymath like Jack

“Jack who?” you ask

I reply “Jack…you know? Jack of all trades!”

“How is that possible?” you say

…being skilled in as many ____ as possible! Before I continue, I am about to nerd out on you. Understand? Moving on…

I studied this major that is somewhat strange to most people Health Informatics in university and as I like to dumb it down to a meaning I take offense in, it is about IT in health care. No! I don’t work with the equipment like MRI and whatever else they have. I’m more involved in the software aspect.

I must confess and say I somewhat stumbled into it. I was learning about database (mainly front end) and that fueled my desire to learn MySQL which I self-taught myself the basics over one summer. It helped that I interned as a database administrator assistant and I later found out I had to take a class on it. I was helping out in maintaining a website for a group when I was wrongly told that I needed Java to fix it up [it was JavaScript the person meant].

Anyways, I started looking for way to learn Java, it was seeming to hard for me to self-learn. I almost gave up when Eureka! the new curriculum for my major required a programming class, specifically Java! I signup and I must admit I went home after each class wanting to cry because I was too lazy to practice programming everyday. One weekend I gave myself a crash study session on all things beginners Java and since then Java has been my true love.

I skipped over taking an HTML/CSS class in my first year [or second] and I was loving it! I think last year, I got more interested in website design and development so I got a book on PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML, AJAX. I knew I had gone off the programming rails when at a job interview I was asked “How many languages do you know?” I started listing programming languages with my levels of proficiency till I was corrected about it meaning lay language to which I responded “Oh…just English” 😦

I am planning on improving the languages I speak (and write in) as I have plans to learn French, Mandarin and Spanish this busy summer. I was working for this group when I realized to make shit [pardon my language] more appealing to them, I needed to step up my game. What did I do? I got Adobe CS6 and I am currently learning my way through it. So far I have used Fireworks [ for app prototype], Photoshop [ I got to assist a friend in using it for her fancy resume], Illustrator[mainly posters] , InDesign [business card] and Dreamweaver.

Slightly back to the real world, my major has a health component and my plan for that is currently brewing [I would share if it wasn’t a top secret classified information to be reveled after my masters]. My other interest include photography, adventures [I’m joining a lot o f Meetups to help plus skydiving this summer annyone?], fashion and style [I may be slacking in this aspect] and many more which I might reveal in more details in the next installments if I can make myself write one of this post.

Finally some programming humor…


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