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Cravings: Spanish Rice and Steak

I am being to think that the likelihood of me  cook is more frequent when I’m craving a particular food badly. The last time was Pasta and Cheese and I still have leftovers in the fridge.

I was on Skype with my brother talking about how hungry I was and he told me to go cook. I didn’t have much groceries to make a tangible meal so I was planning on going out to buy ready-to-eat food. He teased me about being lazy so I decided I was going to cook. That was when I started craving spanish rice.

Inspired by this spanish rice and this steak recipes from my favourite recipe website.


Spanish Rice: I did not follow serving and I added crushed chillies and cayenne pepper


Steak: I was too lazy to go to LCBO for whiskey so I used red wine (Barefoot Shiraz) and I didn’t use fresh Parsley.


Love it. The rice wasn’t as soft as I wanted it to be and next time I’ll try it with a different wine.


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