On my Mind

I called this boy which I shouldn’t have. There is nothing wrong with us talking; it’s just that we might go back to the same old cycle. I do not like the cycle, it is fun but I cannot do it again. He says I’m very weird and I told him the world needs uniquely weird people like me

I have been in ‘Boredom Islands’ for quite sometime now. It’s annoying because I have all this time with nothing to do. I cannot save it up and use it on days I need more time.

I love living in downtown Toronto. I hate living in downtown Toronto. I cannot decide. I love my apartment though I recently rearranged my bedroom to get more space but now I need a good headboard. I might take some pictures of my apartment and post here as a mini tour.

The weather has been warm (and chilly). I think it is as confused as I am. I want to crawl in my bed and never leave yet experience the whole world like I never came home. On a brighter note, I should get my G2 by the end of this month…

Images via We Heart It


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