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Another self-diagnosis: I’m perpetually depressed

I’m fairly happy with my life. I am actually in a good place right now. It is driving me insane.

Identity by Emmanuel Turner

I struggle with my identity and what I want to see myself as. I refuse to stick with one thing. I may be writing this today because of my graduation is tomorrow. I am officially going to be out of the education system for at least a year. What the future holds…who knows?

I’m deluded about how I am viewed by everyone other than me so I cannot say I care how people see me. Would that make a difference?

On the search for something to occupy me, I am rebooting my photography challenge; however, rather than post one picture a day, I will post seven pictures once a week. In addition, I recently found out about Processing so I will be doing that and trying to work on this open-source project.

What else? Work as usual, befriending park benches, meetups (hopefully!).

I do not want to be labeled. I like the unknown. This scares me shitless!

Do I want to know who I am?


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