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Memoirs: Graduation

I was going to write this last week Friday. Motivation Monday seemed a better time for it

My choice of university is questionable but I had the best defense; a stepping stone to that degree that required 2 years of undergraduate. I never applied for that degree instead I wanted some other focus which I didn’t get.

While my brother was driving me to my convocation, I started a long rant of things that shouldn’t have and I ended on the year I regret the most, my second year. What does it matter anymore? I am done with this chapter so why do I still have that regret?

One question I kept getting at the ceremony that I hated the most was :  So what are you doing next? and variants of such question. Why don’t we ever live in the moment? We spend our lives constantly waiting for the next thing that we don’t appreciate the present until it has passed and we are reminiscing on the good old days.


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