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Overlyfriendly Labrador

“Sorry…my overly-friendly Labrador… he’s distracted by the pretty girl” He said

I looked up and smiled “What’s his name?” I asked.


In my mind I tried to figure out how to play with Rio and still hold my bicycle. The elevator was still not here and I couldn’t think of what to say to him. I liked to try and carry a conversation with strangers; my mini-revolt for being an introvert.

“I should take my bike from my balcony and start biking” The elevator came just as he said that. I let him and Rio go ahead first.

“So what do you do? Take the transit instead” I asked as I adjusted my bike in the elevator.

“I work a few minutes away from here…” I didn’t let him finish before I said “So you walk to work? It will take me half an hour to get to work if I walked”

He asked where I worked and talked about biking route. I wished I lived on a higher floor so we could talk some more and longer.

The chime in the elevator indicated it was on Floor 2 and Rio started heading out but he called for Rio while I wished nobody would get in. Nobody did.


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