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Coffee Shop Guy by Thomas de Cárdenas
Coffee Shop Guy, a photo by Thomas de Cárdenas on Flickr.

Today was his third day here and even though he kept denying it, he kept coming back because of her. This wasn’t his third time at the coffee shop but three days ago when he saw her, he knew he was going to keep coming back. Why? That what he still can’t figure out.

The first day.

She spoke to him but only when he was leaving. The thing was he has ignored her without realizing. As he walked to the cashier picking up a bottle of juice absentminded and armed with his Passbook app open he heard her say the words.

“You have finally decided to come to me…are you just getting a juice”

He suddenly forgot what he was worried about and looked up. With a short laugh he replied smiling “I didn’t mean to. I already had a coffee and I am leaving. A bottle of juice is all I need to get me home”. She scanned his phone but said nothing else so he added “Maybe next time, I will get more than just juice. Have a good night”


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