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Everyone is wrong, now shut up!

I get to work this morning and my coworker sent me this link. I read it and then peruse some of the comments and all I can think of is “Shut up! Everybody is wrong”. Why? I will try  and explain below.

1. A lot of people suggested that Toronto have subway systems like London, UK. London isn’t so perfect, name a city with better transit systems. Do you know how much and how long it takes to construct undergrounds? I went to York and my first year I saw plans to extend the subway system to the school and beyond which was to be done by 2012 and that was in 2009. It’s 2013 and still it is not finished because of several delays, some unforeseen.

2. Get rid of streetcars. Create a relief line to service blah to blah zone. That requires more transit (buses) on the road with more workers. It a ton of cost money to remove streetcars and what happens to their tracks? So how will they try to offset this cost? Well they bring a proposal to increase transit cost and all hell breaks lose!

3. Driving my car is much faster because of so many delays in the transit system (esp. subways where they have route autonomy) so don’t ban cars. I don’t drive and I must admit sometimes the delays are very discouraging. When I used the subway, to work, I was never sure of getting to work early, on time or late when I left the same time. That’s no excuse to congest the city with 4-person cars with only one person in it. Have you tried carpooling?

4. Levy the suburbanites that come in cars to work in the city. Levy the condo developers that don’t consider how vertical housing increasing congestion. Cost of living in the city is ridiculous most times. The sizes of condo is not encouraging to raise a family. Downtown dwellers should get to enjoy transit since they are bearing such high cost of living. Consider what it is like in the other person’s shoes. Objectively!

5. The government et. al. should have done better planning of the community before allowing condos and not build subways pre-personal automobile era…blah blah blah. All I have to say is can you really predict the future? If so please tell me the next lotto numbers so I can hit the jackpot.

I have more to say but then the summary is we are so quick to blame everybody else rather than objectively think of what everybody else must be going to. Now all this is coming from a downtown-living bike-riding person. Before you quickly dismiss the arguments posed above, I understand what it’s like from involved parties (downtowners & suburbanites).

A uncle once called me hippie because he said I’m probably one of those people that live downtown, bike everywhere and will only buy organic. So in the spirit of my hippie self I’ll propose a provocative solution. Make everyone walk or bike and for those that cannot pedal or live far off,there’s electric bikes :P.

Let’s all save the planet! Now hit me with your best shot of simpleton arguments of all that’s wrong with bikers. Remember my title as you type because yes I am included in everyone.

Drivers are mad. Bikers are crazy, Pedestrians are insane. Transit is bizzare. Who did I leave out?


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