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A year and a half ago.

“I like gummy bears…a lot”

She smiled. That is such a weird thing to say when you first meet someone. Before she could stop herself she replied “I like shortbread…it will be the death of me”

He smiled. Well it wasn’t really a smile, it was a half-smile but it counts.


Her head was on his chest like a perfect fit. He interrupted her thoughts and started kissing her playfully till she smiled.

“Ah! there it is! That amazing smile” He said which made her blush. He liked it when she blushed. She never knew how to accept a compliment, she always got flustered. Initially he couldn’t understand why she underestimated herself; that was the only valid explanation for why she got flustered when complimented.

Six months ago.

“Let’s have sex and stay friends” She said as she walked into his place. She loved coming over to his place. It was really big, he stayed alone and she envied that.

He was stunned. She was never one for open declarations. A year of knowing her and she still acted shy around him so this surprised him.

“I like you and I know you like me. We aren’t one for relationships.”

That was how it started. They were perfect for each other in a weird way. Their being physical didn’t change much about their friendship. But today it was all ending.

She met someone who kept trying to go out with her and the guy won because tonight was going to be their first date. As she told him about this guy, he tried not to flinch for the fear of showing any emotion that indicated that this past few months he had cared more about her everyday.

She kissed him good bye on the cheeks and took one last look at his apartment. This was going probably going to be her last time here. They had agreed to break all contact with each other. As she walked out of his building, she kept wishing he had asked her not go on the date because she cared more for him.


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