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the Spanish Prisoner

untitled by Tuti A'mare
untitled, a photo by Tuti A’mare on Flickr.

I recently read 419 by William Ferguson which is about the Nigerian Scam popularly called 419*. A friend asked me to do a review when I tweeted a picture of my new purchases (which included the book 419).

I was elated by the accurate portrayal of the Nigerian Airport and how the Nigerian weather might feel to someone coming from Canada. In the beginning, I somewhat forced myself to keep reading. While I recognized that Laura was the protagonist, I was mostly interested in Nnamdi’s story which hurt me what he went through in the end.

I cannot for the life of me place why Amina was in the story as there wasn’t much background, all I figured was she once has a better heritage but now she has to keep heading south though her people were from the North (presumably outside Nigeria and associated with Hausas). I do not know if this was deliberate but I appreciate the author’s attempt to capture the three “major” parts of Nigeria (Hausa, Igbo & Yoruba) as Kaduna, Niger Delta & Lagos – now we can digress and get critical about how people from Niger Delta aren’t Igbo.


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