Objective wishing

I love photography. I love looking at pictures and I love taking them. I have always been limited by my personality and monetary wise. Last time I had a camera, I lent a friend and I never got it back 😦 long story

Some months ago, I got tired of staring at pictures, reading about cameras and decided I could make some of my own. So I got a NEX-6 lens kit.  I started learning about how to use the manual mode in the camera and my interest in different types of photography made me realize that the 16-50mm lens included in the kit wasn’t the best.  So I started searching for more lenses and decided to maybe add a compact camera on a photography wish list. Below is peek at some things on I want to get soon from the list (in no specific order).

Compact Remote Control Tripod

16mm Wide-Angle Lens


18-200mm Telephoto Zoom Lens


In case it wasn’t obvious, I am a bit biased when it come to Sony and their cameras [and PlayStation 😉 but I digress]


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