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BHIF: Week In Review, Despicable Me 2

#BHIF – Bless Heavens it’s Friday.

Week in Review

Sunday in Canada’s Wonderland with the sibling and nephew. Monday at Peterborough to see my cousin. Tuesday was work and movie date with DJ. Wednesday was work from home. Thursday was at work and evening at Toronto Music Garden. Friday is work and baby sitting nephew while sis goes to the movies.

So I watched Despicable Me 2 on Tuesday which is weird because official release date was Wednesday. It was awesome as I had many laughs and the best part of it was the minions; they are getting their own movie soon and better than the first movie, it was easier to understand their language. Pharrell Williams did a good job with the music (he comes before Bruno Mars on my list).  On Wednesday, almost everyone at work changed their GChat/ Hangouts avatars to minions for the release.

et. alios

I broke my record of bringing lunch to work (twice in one week). I’m revolting against my body and taking dairy 😦 not fun which pisses DJ. Can you tell I’m happy today?  I have no idea why I am and the weather is a drab. I’ve got some short stories I’m working on in drafts. I need to cut some words or make it a series (I’m not good with series writing). Have a minion-filled weekend. I leave you a playlist from GruTube and advice to play Minion Rush (If you’re a mobile gamer, it’s  Subway Surfers meet Temple Run with minions).

UPDATE: Saw this really cool Minion Infographic by Collectibly. I’ve got Tim and Jerry from the McDonald’s happy meal (yes! I bought the happy meals just to get the minions, there’s only 8 kinds distributed in Canada :()


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