The Keurig bugs

Disclaimer: This is a satiric account and while this is based on a true life event, most of the statements included are for dramatization; hence they are false of the writer's imagination.

Nobody ever thought the day would come and when it did, there was doom across the land…oops I mean office. What is this great evil that has befallen us? Our Keurig broke!!!

*insert dramatic sounds in movies*

As a resident, I have taken it upon myself to try to explain the history and hopefully the causation of the Keurig bugs.

The KEURIG'r Box

The KEURIG’r Box by Dan Pancamo

Many months ago, a discovery was made: We love coffee and tea in the office and would do McDonalds runs at least twice a day not including lunch. To combat it the King with the advice of his aides decided it was time to call upon the Coffee Brewers to aid in this process. Keurig was chosen and to offset the cost to the officeland office, people were going to be levied a token.

This brought joy into the land (hell! you know I mean office) and the only unhappy party in this deal was McDonalds. You see, the coffee runs also coincided with breakfast and most days may influence lunch. This would decrease the revenue from this land to this giant.


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