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Summer Shoes

Today was a weird day. At the last-minute (this morning) I had to take my sister to her appointment which resulted in me working remotely all day. Also, I had to go to the mall in-between to run some errands for her. The good thing was she got me new TOMS – which would make it my 7th/8th pair of TOMS shoes. While at the store, I saw this cute flat shoes (See 3) for a deal 🙂 Anyways I thought I show my new shoes and other go-to summer shoes .


1. TOMS Crochet Women’s Classics flats| 2. Zara Ankle Strap sandals| 3. Splash series by Inuovo flats| 4. TOMS Natural Zebra Zag wedges

I got lazy and skipped my Soludos espadrilles mainly because I’ve worn it so much that it’s not so presentable. I wear flats a lot in the summer – mostly because I bike everywhere and it’s less stressful wearing flats. The TOMS wedge gives me a dressy day look with the Zara heels for the night.


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