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Down the happy trail

I stumbled on Sofia’s Journal‘s 100 Things That Make Me Happy and I started my list hoping I will reach 100 in 50 weeks or less (fingers crossed).

I have done #1 – #5#6 – #10#11 – #15#16 – #20#21-#25#26 – #30#31 – #35, #36 – #40. I realized I haven’t continued this since June so I’m posting 10 things as opposed to my usual 5 per post. Also I’ve compiled a my list of 100 things that make me happy.

Happy New Month of August!

#41 Chance Encounters*

#42 Reconnecting with old friends

Day 243/365 ~ It is One of the Blessings of Old Friends that You Can Afford to Be Stupid with Them [Explored!]

#43 Starting new projects

New project New year

#44 Clearing out my inbox

#45 Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market

#46 Taking a swim

Midnight swim

#47 Super cute tattoos

#48 Kind Strangers

#49 Redecorating my space/ apartment (soon IKEA SIGURD bench, we’ll be together soon)

#50 Well dressed men in colors

Image Source:  42, 43,  46, 4749, 50

* – To be updated as soon as link is available


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