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The cyclist streetcar conundrum

I got into an accident yesterday on my way to meet up with someone at the Starbucks near St. George Station. I was using Google Maps on my iPhone as my GPS to find the fastest route so I won’t be late. The accident happened while I was on Dundas Street W. trying to enter Beatrice St.

To say the truth, most of it is somewhat of a blur. All I remember is I was turning and next thing i knew I was being throw over the handlebars to oncoming traffic. First thing I did was to try to save my face as I thrust my hand forward to try and land on my palms. I got up almost immediately with people around asking me if I was okay. I was feeling disoriented with a little motion sickness; my first instinct was to pick my bike up and keep going. A woman [I think she was going for a walk with her baby] approached me and helped me move to the sidewalk from the road.

She encourage me to seat on the floor and take a breather but I told her I was fine. However, I found out that the accident caused my front brakes to lock on the wheel so I couldn’t keep biking. Not too far ahead was a couple outside their house that helped me with the brakes [turns out they weren’t too sure what they were doing, they were just trying to help 🙂]. They offered me a glass of water and talked about how they had been victims to the streetcar tracks.


5 thoughts on “The cyclist streetcar conundrum

  1. I’m so glad you weren’t more badly hurt! And very glad to hear you did go to the doctor, as that’s exactly what I was going to suggest! It’s lovely that people were so helpful to you.

  2. Head concussion causes that dizziness. Please check in with the doctor…as soon as possible. That is not normal. Not at all. You live in Canada not the U.S., so going to the doctor/health insurance is not a deterrent.

    Safe cycling. From an ex-Torontonian who lived and cycled there for over 14 yrs. before relocating.

    • Thank you for this comment. I have gone to see a doctor who has recommended I get x-rayed and other due processes which I plan to follow through with.

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