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Humans of New York

I was looking at the webby award winners for this year and I came across Humans of New York . Due to a busy schedule, I have not been able to binge on it as I usually do when I come across an amazing blog.

Humans of New York (HONY) started in 2010 when Brandon [the photographer] decided to do a photographic census of people in New York and now he provides the world a glimpse of strangers in New York.

I love it because of the character and stories that the pictures tell you. It also makes you think about what amazing people are or could be in your city that you have overlooked. Here are some of my favorite shots, you can view more here.

They can take away his license, but they’ll never take his pride.

[Brandon] decided to drop a heavy question on him, and asked: “What’s the secret to living a good life?” He immediately answered: “Don’t think bad thoughts.”

His heart’s just not in it anymore.

[Update: I’ve added one image that just makes me smile]

“Do you want to see a flying side kick?”
“I absolutely do.”

All Images via Humans of New York


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