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The Burning House

I’ve been on and off Tumblr for quite a while constantly trying to decide if I can maintain a Tumblr and this blog. I recently started my Tumblr life from ground Zero as a photo blog which I feel is easier to maintain. The thing I love about Tumblr are the interesting blogs dedicated to just one thing like Humans Of New York which I’ve feature. Today’s feature is The Burning House. The Burning House is based on one question: If your house was burning, what would you take with you? It’s interesting what people say they would take and you can learn a lot about a person from what they choose to constantly hold onto. Below are some interesting ones I’ve seen so far:

Shamil R| 27| LA| Character Animator
Chrome Bag; Whiskey; NB Minimus; Wallet, pack of gum and some change; iPhone/Laptop; Glasses; Passport and old memories; Nikon D40 + Lens/Tripod; Klein Reve Roadbike

Vinni Del Poço| 22| São Paulo, Brazil|  Graphic Designer
DSLR + 50mm lens, Lomography Camera, Knife, Favorite T-shirt, Earbuds, Favorite book, Watch, Sketchbooks, Glasses and sunglasses, Favorite records

Camille| 23| Toulouse, France| Physics engineer
handbag with my keys, glasses, phone, money, ID…; My pair of Repettos; My childhood bear, as old as me; Four swedish leprechauns, a Christmas gift from one of my best friend; Pink cashmere scarf; Picture of me and my sister from my grandparents house Three pairs of earrings – one belonged to my great-great-grandmother, the other two are gifts from my mother; Necklace I got for my 20th birthday; Aquamarine necklace I got for my Christening; The mug that started my mug hoarding; One earthenware couple, a gift from my boyfriend after an Amsterdam trip; Small bottle of blue pigment I just brought back from Marrakech; Tumbler cat, because it is funny and cute; Necklace that belonged to another great-great-grandmother; A copy of “Rebecca”, my favourite book

Çiğdem Yalırsu| 27| İstanbul| Architect
My bag; Top

Here’s mine:

The Burning House/ Tuti

Tuti| 21| Toronto, Canada| Support Developer, QA Analyst & IT specialist
Raleigh Womens Detour 3.5; Glasses; Watch; Passport; TOMS shoes, iPhone & Macbook[w/chargers]; Handbag [contains Sony NEX-6 camera, wallet, pens, notebook, current book I’m reading (Quiet), gum, apt keys, sunglasses Sennheiser headphones, sunglasses, Apple earpods]

 I’ve submitted mine. My challenge to you is to answer the question, if you can take a picture, head on to The Burning House and submit it.

Images 1 – 4: The Burning House Image 5: Tugraphos| Flickr


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