A case for NYSC

NYSC is short for National Youth Service Corps. It is an organization setup in late 1972 to reduce unemployment while promoting inter-ethnic unity across the country and getting youths involved in the development of the country. The corpers (standard name for those in their service year) have to undertake a one year mandatory service outside their state of origin and will be given monthly allowance (smaller than expected earnings).Upon the completion of their service year, corpers are given a certificate that allows them to gain employment in Nigeria.

My sister did her service year in Abia and she told me the first day she got there she cried because there were no beds available so she slept on a plank. I hardly saw her during that year because of the long journey it would take for her to come back. She had very bad experiences and she also had great ones; she even learnt some Ibo. Now she talks about a few people she wouldn’t have met if it weren’t for NYSC.

Call me a patriot or a hypocrite but I want to serve my country for one year. I want to experience other cultures and learn a new language (Hausa to be precise). I’ve dreamt of doing my service year in Plateau(Jos) or some northern state for the longest time. With the knowledge that picking a state isn’t up to the corper – although some people chose to ‘work it out’ – for the longest time, I’ve prayed for Plateau.


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