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Unofficial tour guide

Six Months Ago.

It had been a while since she last went on Twitter online. Navigating through her page, she noticed an increase in her followers so she went to Interactions to check who her new followers were.

Dare Goke followed you

Squinting at the tiny avatar showing, she tried to make out the picture. The words left her mouth before she remembered she was in the library’s quiet zone “Dare? Is this the same Dare Goke I grew up in the same neighborhood with?”. She looked around the room and was met by “evil eyes” from the people who were now distracted from their reading by her voice.

Looking back at her computer she clicks on this avatar, leading to his profile. Clicking on the follow button, she proceeds to send him a Direct Message

hi stranger. fancy finding you here.

She had hoped to receive a reply instantly considering his last tweet was just a min ago. Disappointed, she exited Twitter on her laptop and went back to her research paper. Her topic was Ethical Issues in My Sister’s Keeper which she had randomly picked but was now too lazy to watch the movie or read the book. Here she was at the library hoping to fill the paper with enough ethical jargon using few examples of what she read from Wikipedia. She isn’t here to be distracted by Dare, her one time neighbor, crush, friend, best friend, lover…


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