The Lies We Tell

What choice did I have?

That’s almost always the question when a lie is told. There’s white lies which while still a lie is considered harmless. For example, faking an headache when you want to get out of a situation. Are white lies ever fully justifiable?

Would you lie to protect the ones you love? 

There’s omission of certain part of the truth which is technically not a lie. I make a statement that’s all truths but certain truths have been omitted. I am not responsible for what meaning you derive from the statement even though I was aiming for the same wrong conclusion you arrived at.

Can you forgive & trust someone after they’ve lied to you?

It is very hard to trust anyone knowing that there’s a possibility they will lie to you. Living life without trust is a lot more hassle than blindly trusting. If you’re wary of people too much, you might end up alone and based on stats you’re more likely to die earlier than someone living with company. For example, if she cheats on you, rather that spend the rest of the relationship stalking her and waiting for her to cheat again, break it off; relationships require trust.

Can we help lying?

We are all guilty of lying at one point in our lives, but the lies that matter are the dangerous ones. Avoid it! I can’t say I am not guilty of lying like telling one too many people I love them when I don’t think I do. Or telling my mum things that would make her less worried. Or the other big, small, white…whatever lies that are available.

All I’ve written may be a bunch of bollocks and I have been spending a great deal of time watching Lie to Me.


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