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My love for Monae

In case you don’t know, I’m referring to Janelle Monáe; I am a huge fan and she’s one of my girl crushes. Here’s 5 reasons why I love her, in no specific order:

1. She introduced me to fun.

I only listened to fun.’s “We Are Young” because Janelle was featuring. I was able to discover fun. and I love them separately for the artists they are.

2. She show how amazing uniformity can be

She wear black and white almost all the time (I say almost because there are pictures of her in colors). Regardless of how often she wears b&w there almost always a spin or twist to it.

Janelle Monae

3. She’s weird and a rebel


4. Have you heard her music?

Mind-blowing right?

5. Cyborgs, Andriods (not the software)… need  I say more?


I got tickets to watch her perform next month and I so cannot wait!



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