The driving conundrum

I’ve claimed to be able to drive of a long time but until last month, I was legally not allowed to drive a car alone.

The story of how I got my G2 feels almost like a separate blog post. 8 months after I got my G1 (learner’s permit), I enrolled in a driving school because my parents were getting me a car for my graduation. To say the truth, In the word of the Walmart attendant I met this past weekend: I got my G1 so I could buy and drink booze with ease. Plus my mother made me do it last year August since they had plans to get me a car in June.

I wrote the G1 test twice because i felt too cool to study for it hence fell short of passing the first time by one point. I was so pissed off at myself that I almost gave up writing it the second time. After four 5-hour in-class sessions at the driving school, five 2-hour in-car sessions, three 1.5-hour extra in-car session and a 4-hour pre-G2 test practice session; I passed my G2 the first time. I don’t even want to think about the cost of all what I’ve said.

Anyways I didn’t get my G2 driver’s licence  till August. In case you are wondering what happened to the car from June, well I wasn’t allowed to drive it till this past Saturday. My mother says I am too serious while driving which is so true; I was seating up straight like the Queen is seated next to me. I had to drive the car from Hamilton to Toronto and i was scared to drive alone so my mother accompanied me with her G driver’s licence just in case I got cold feet about driving on the 401.

So what’s the conundrum in all this?

Two weeks before I wrote my G2, I had nightmare about failing and making mistakes. Two weeks ago when I realized I was going to pick up my car, I ‘ve been having nightmares about being a terrible driver; I’ll go into details about the nightmares but it might scare you from entering my car. The weird part is I am a  calm cautious driver and I have almost no worry while driving (except when my mother accompanied me to Toronto; I was panicking inward, my mother is very critical).

DJ said I worry too much and I should stop worrying about it. My mother says I should be more confident, relax and pray before, during and after driving every time. My brother tell me it’s normal to panic that I’ll be fine. My dad says I’ll be fine  and drive like a defensive driving and never speed. A coworker told me this quote:

When us Christians are behind the wheel, we seem to forget the fact we try to follow Christ and instead we drive like pagans.

I am trying to drive with every advice I get even though I am unsure of how helpful it’s been. I’ve never panicked about driving until recently and I panic almost every time except when I am driving. The general sentence I get is I wouldn’t have pass my G1 exit test if I wasn’t good. I thought writing this would help but my heart is racing so I’ll rest my imaginary pen before my heart explodes!

Image via Hodgepodge of Styles


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