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What a day!

I guess this might be considered an appreciation post although it’s less likely that the addressed subjected might read it.

Yesterday was a somewhat tedious day; it was one of my love’s birthday and she was having a soiree in the evening to celebrate. My day was actually quite busy; I had a photography workshop to go to then a meeting for Chase Toronto and then my friend’s party…did I mention all events were somewhat back to back.

I couldn’t go for the workshop because I had to help my friend with her party and then I didn’t go for the meeting because – truth be told – I did not remember about it 😦 there was too much going on. I really feel awful about missing those 2 events as I was pretty excited for it. I think of the most out-of-the-box way to make things up when I feel awful…F. Y. I. they are not logically possible.

Since my friend’s party was happening close to so my place, my apartment was the base for all preparation which ended up with it looking like a mess. The party was good; we played a weird version of charade but the point was my team won. I know those games are meant to just be for fun but it’s so hard to resist competing; I wasn’t raised like that.

After the birthday shenanigans, I had to drop a few people off at the station so they can get home. On my way back, I’m thinking about the stress of clearing things up and all that extra jazz. I open my apartment door and it clean; the dishwasher is running, the floors have been wiped and everywhere was looking extra proper. I guess the point of this is…life doesn’t always go as you plan so get a boyfriend! And just incase you don’t want one…


I’ll like to point out that there’s a variety of breed to the species called “boyfriend” so be careful when you pick one. I made a choice and I’m still taking it one step at a time.

Image via Flickr


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