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BHIF: Lately

My last post was around Thanksgiving. There is quite a bit that has happened since then. In no specific order:

  • I watched 2 movies; The Butler and Gravity. Those were heart moving movies and I almost cried while watching the butler; there can never be enough movies to explain all the troubles colored people went through. Which reminds me about the trailer for Monument Men I saw while waiting for Gravity to start; there’s never enough movies to explain the Nazi regime. I do not know if I appreciate Gravity more because I had no idea what it was about, or because George Clooney (huge crush alert!) was in it or because it was an amazing story line; I think all of the above.

  • I went to watch my first football game at the Rogers Centre and it was amazing. The Toronto Argos played very well plus it was a Pink event (raising awareness of all women cancers). The Rogers Centre is also home to the Toronto Blue Jays which is our baseball team. During the 3rd quarter when I went to get my free refill, I saw the mini hat (pic above) and made my friend buy me ice-cream just so i could get the Blue Jays hat-like bowl/cup.
  • Work had been going on great; sometimes busy but I love it. I get to learn so much and not to brag but I have amazing co-workers. There’s this thing at work where we call someone the latest wrongly written (auto correct included) or pronounced version of their name. I am trying to make myself an exception because with a name like ‘Tofunmi’, Tofu isn’t so far off and I hoped I was done with being called that in high school. So I’m using Liam Neeson’s Taken like “[If you call me Tofu] … I’ll find you and I’ll kill you”.
  • I’ve got a Halloween party to go for and I’ve spent the past weeks trying to figure out what to go as. A friend suggested Lady Godiva as a joke and I’m really biased towards being a superhero (I was hoping for Ironman and I currently can’t pull off being Rogue). I’ve never really taken part in Halloween because I feel I should know better considering the history but then I really want to have an experience of Halloween; I am almost torn. This remind of daily lives of Christians when we sin even when we know shouldn’t; good griefs we have an amazing Father.
  • I went to a Janelle Monae concert this past weekend; it was awesome! I was a bit sad that I got there late because I was going around talking about getting there super early so I can stand in-front and breathe the air coming out of her nostrils. I was still close to the front just not close enough; I didn’t even get to touch her when we was crowd-surfing. She is an amazing artist and a dramatic performer. LONG LIVE ANDROIDS*
  • I’ve not been taking pictures as much as I told myself to 😦 Speaking on photography, I’m volunteering for this amazing group (Chase Toronto). Most nights I moonlight as a website developer and I have lots of changes to make to the site but that’s going steadily. If you do have a comment about changes i could make, let me know (Pls be my unpaid testers and check for ‘bugs’).
  • I am back on BBM. I can complain about Blackberry to the moon but deep down I still love them plus it’s a Canadian company so I can’t hate. I think BBM trumps WhatsApp and iMessage (let’s not even mention the limitations of SMS/MMS). Getting BBM reminds me of what I don’t like so much: I connect with an old friend, we chat a lot during the first few moments after the connection has been made after which they just because a name on my list. It remind me on how much I suck at close communications which is weird cause I claim to be great with social media.

I’m done writing. Till next time…

* – not the phone


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