Before I begin this story, I want to say a few things

  1. Happy New Year! It’s been a while since I wrote and there’s no excuse.
  2.  The names used do not reference and true persons or their stories; if such events are true about the persons, it is pure coincidence.
  3. Because I like spoilers, I will be starting with the end which may not indeed be the end of the story.

Have succeeded in confusing you? Good! The story begins with the future.

On June 6 2016, Devine V. Iliya committed suicide. Her body was discovered the next day. It was a huge shock to all the people who knew her.

There was no sign that she was struggling…” they say

But there was! Devine struggled with life and herself. She had so much pain coursing through her body that to stay sane she tried to stay clear of emotions. Her ability to empathize didn’t make life any better.

There was a note found next to her and it read:

I will not apologize because I am finally able to be selfish for in death I have found joy

I pray to God that my soul be forgiven but I am willing to spend eternity in hell to be unburdened

On January 1, 2013 1:00 AM, Devine woke up and realize she slept through the new year fiasco. She had no thoughts about the year passed or the current; it was just another 366 days or less till death. Picking up her phone to dial and tweet with Facebook on her laptop about how amazing the year is going to be.

Spoiler: It wasn’t!

Foreknowledge is dangerous…better enjoy life while you can

This may be the last time I state dates.


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