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Mint Tablet

I was going to bed last night and I decided I just had to blog about money management because I was proud on how much restraint I showed.

A few weeks back, my bf was telling me to get a tablet because I have a unhealthy habit of ordering books from Chapters Indigo. To expand on that due to their new mobile app, free delivery for orders over $25 and I get great deals not buying in store; I always order a lot more books that I’ve finished reading.

As I pondered on getting a tablet, I posed a question on Facebook about making a choice between an iPad mini, a Nexus 7 or a Kobo. While I was leaning towards an iPad mini because I have an Apple ecosystem, I was curious about getting an Android device – it would be my first – and my mother loved her Kobo tablet. I decided to get a tablet only when I had the money – saved up – for it.

iPad mini vs Nexus 7

I had joined a couple of months back but didn’t stick with it as sticking to a budget was never my thing. Recently I realized as I get older, I need to get more serious with what I spend money on which maybe a result of all the bills and responsibilities I now have leaving school and working.

Some days ago, I found an ad for a Nexus 7 and I contemplated putting in an offer, the longer it stayed up the more resolved I was to make an offer. I offered less than the asking price because I was dipping into my savings for something else. He got an offer above his asking price and turned me down. I was a little down and considered topping the offer to almost double my initial offer (more dent in my budget) but decided against after seeking advice.

I woke up this morning and got paranoid about missing my alarm – as always – I checked my phone and I saw that my initial offer for the Nexus was accepted. I was off my bed and united with my Nexus 7 within twenty minutes. I call her Zora.



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