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Finding purpose and heroes

I’ve spent my life wanting to be someone else and trying to shape myself into who I am not. I’ve also attempted to spend my life being who others expect of me. One thing I am slowly learning in all this is how much of a colossal failure I’ve become. By neglecting who I am truly meant to be, I have become of gumbo of different characters that I sometimes hate to look at in the mirror.

This past year, I like to think I have achieved feats in personal development. While I am still not the person I want to look at in the mirror and be proud, I am on the journey to being that child with a curious outlook of life and great disregard for distracting paths.

As lent starts today, I decided to re-read and finally finish The Purpose Driven Life and give up alcohol (this might be harder than going paleo for the Quantified diet). The more days I spend on this earth, the more questions I have about myself and what my life should be. It is my plan that by the end of lent, I have a better understanding of myself and God.

I just finished watching the 86th Academy Awards, better know as the Oscars and one thing that truly struck me was Matthew McConaughey’s acceptance speech about who his hero was. I realize that a lot of the time by making other people my hero I sometimes get distracted and start to compare my life with them.

Your hero should be first and foremost your future self

While the most popular speech snippet I’ve seen shared is Lupita Nyong’o’s “…No matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid”, it did not resonate as much as realizing that my hero should be my future self. With this new resolve, it is my plan to be who my past self would want to look up. In addition, knowing I can shape my hero, my faults are their faults, their experiences can only be as good as I make mine; I can sleep peacefully tonight.

The secret of being Happy is accepting whereyou are in life making the most out of everyday


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