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I am an approximately 5’4″  female that spends more time inside her head than outside it. I always manage to look way younger than I am and I’m pretty sure I’ll keep getting ID’d for the next 10/15/20 years. Living in my head has resulted in me coming up with the most random things and sometimes I don’t remember how it got there.

I say I’m adventurous but my personality limits me. I love eating food but I’m not a big fan of cooking. I love cruising around the city in my bicycle. I am almost always with a notebook and my camera. I and an avid TOMS fan (I have 4 pairs [side note: I’m up to 8 now], should add at least 2 more before end of Summer ’13) on a mission to convert anyone not wearing TOMS. A friend says I get super creative [not sure if it was creative he used] when I get bored. I can sometimes be a workaholic.

I think at some point in my life, I used to love drawing and wanted to play the piano. I still want to play the piano and the almost negligent time I spend drawing are actually spent doing doodle and trying to invent logos or something. I do like reading books and until recently I wore a glasses everywhere [my optician says my eyes have improved; I don’t think so and I’ve reservations about eye examinations but I digress].

I love TED talks [not interested in linking this so google it if you don’t know it]. Be careful when you ask me about languages I know as I might end up mentioning programming languages. I want to learn as much languages as my brain possibly can [again main reference is to programming languages but I’m open to leaning French, Spanish…ect.]. I am a big fan of Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, Janelle Monae, fun., Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone and I’ve a huge  crush on George Clooney.

I think this is pretty random. F.Y.I. this is an unfiltered [not really – edited] bio and is in no way comprehensive as I just wrote whatever came to my mind.

I currently have two blogs; Ald+R because I can get random (Evidence A: this bio) and Pretty Dames which I share with a friend (who is the primary blogger). When not blogging I may be on Twitter, feeding my Medium addiction or thinking up ways to take over the world avoiding how Brain failed.

If you a have any ideas for me (I may be interested in having guest blogger for any topic), please contact me by email with the subject title “Alt+R Suggestion” (no quotes). Leave a few days for a reply, I would try to respond to every email I receive.

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