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Top View

This past weekend I got on my bicycle and pedalled to Tommy Thompson Park. Tommy Thompson park is a unique urban wilderness in Toronto; although, some people think it’s just a pile of junk. I think it’s takes a personal view to get any sense of appreciation of the park.

I used Ride with GPS to get a sense of my trip and it was a fun ride. At some point I did loose my way around the park because I took a wrong turn and then my phone was about to die while I was using it to find my way. The one thing on my mind was to get back on the Waterfront trail before my phone died or I was doing an impromptu camping that I was ill-prepared for.

Below are some of my favourite pictures that I took. I have more on my Flickr page.

Cherry Beach

Lifeguard tower at Cherry Beach

TTP Ride - 34

It was like Tera (yes! i named the bird) was waiting for me because she flew away after the shot

TTP Ride - 18

Summer is over and they know it

Tommy Thompson Park

Getting this shot was why I lost my way


At Thompson Park Lighthouse, I decided to rest a while

I know it is a little late but happy labour day!

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Toronto Cycling Map

I recently just got my hand on the Toronto Cycling Map for 2013. So I am looking through at in and in the Downtown Core Map, I noticed yellow highlighting on certain paths with the legend stating Downtown Explorer Route.

Downtown Toronto Cycling Map

Been living downtown for a few months now, I’ve gotten bored of my usual routine and I am hoping to start new ones. Looking at the map got me thinking, what if I could bike around the city using the map and capture some pictures along the way?


As said before, I will be sharing seven pictures (one per day). I didn’t take one per day because my camera wasn’t with me most days last week. I’ve been into taking black and white photos.


I spent a lot of time in transit this past week


Since my renew love for reading, I always have at least one book with me

bixi dock

The epitome of bike sharing in Toronto; bixi

smokes burger joint

People came in to buy but never sat down to eat while I was at the burger joint

caged beyond

A shot of CN Tower in the background


I have a feeling that was an interesting conversation

bike stand

In contrast to sharing above, owning and storing bikes

All Images taken by me with Sony Alpha NEX-6 with 16-50mm Zoom lens

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PhoTuts: Out and About

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Cravings: Spanish Rice and Steak

I am being to think that the likelihood of me  cook is more frequent when I’m craving a particular food badly. The last time was Pasta and Cheese and I still have leftovers in the fridge.

I was on Skype with my brother talking about how hungry I was and he told me to go cook. I didn’t have much groceries to make a tangible meal so I was planning on going out to buy ready-to-eat food. He teased me about being lazy so I decided I was going to cook. That was when I started craving spanish rice.

Inspired by this spanish rice and this steak recipes from my favourite recipe website.


Spanish Rice: I did not follow serving and I added crushed chillies and cayenne pepper


Steak: I was too lazy to go to LCBO for whiskey so I used red wine (Barefoot Shiraz) and I didn’t use fresh Parsley.


Love it. The rice wasn’t as soft as I wanted it to be and next time I’ll try it with a different wine.

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Hack Chef: Baked Malfada Corta and Cheese

So maybe I could have found a more appropriate title but this seems close. I am not a big fan of cooking but I love food and I love me some guy that can cook. For a while I have been craving Macaroni and Cheese but being lactose intolerant now, I cannot go lazy and buy Kraft dinner least my stomach suffers.

In my bid to get Mac and Cheese I decided I was going to make it from scratch. Having recently relocated abodes; unlike my old place, the new apartment comes with an oven so I’ve been into a lot of baked food. Did I mention I am not a big fan of macaroni? Remember I said I just moved so I am a bit low on finances.

With no intention of buying what I could easily replace, I decided to search my favourite recipe site for “baked mac and cheese recipes”. I made a few adjustments to the recipe to accommodate my dietary restriction and ingredients at home.


  • 1 package Garofalo Mafalda Corta (500g)
  • 2 tbsp. melted Becel vegan margarine
  • 1 egg (egg in raw form contains no lactose)
  • 2 1/2 cups So Good Vanilla soy milk
  • 1 package Allegro lactose free 4% skimmed milk cheese [shredded myself]
  • Pam grilling no-stick cooking spray
  • black and cayenne pepper to taste
  • 2 tsp. basil leaves
  • salt to taste

I pretty much followed the instructions there except that I mixed the margarine, egg, milk, cheese, salt & pepper at once. I sprinkled some basil just before I kept it in the over.



I had it with some pork. I’m not completely sold on the particular cheese I used. Or maybe it’s because I suck at am not a fan of cooking or I wasn’t in the mood to eat after all that cooking.

The pork was really good. I’m tired so it’s shut eye time.