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Tuts Bits: Introduction

So I joined Medium a couple of months back which has pulled my focus from WordPress and I started a collection, Tuts Bits, of what I’ve written so far on Medium.


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Flip Flop and marriage

Arranged 22/7

Today is my wedding day. I am not your typical bride and I am still unsure about the wedding/marriage.

This is an arranged marriage.

Now depending on who you are and what part of the world you originate from, my previous statement may have shocked you. Yes! It is 2013 and yes there are still arranged marriages. I may attempt to take a modernist approach and say I asked my parent to arrange my marriage. I did not. I could tell you that it is not technically arranged since I have known soon to be husband – calling him my husband feels weird so I’ll stick with his name, Samuel – since I was a kid.

Samuel’s family and my family have been friends for the longest time. When we were younger, our families will joke about Sam and I as husband and wife. Everyone took it as a joke till three months ago.

Sam’s family moved out of the neighborhood when I was nine. His father got a new government job in a different province. They kept the house in my neighborhood, leasing it out and only every came back twice in the past 15 years; first when Sam’s grandmother died seven years ago and last year when Sam’s dad retired.

So far I have omitted something which is that Sam and I stayed friends. He once spend his holidays with my family and I traveled with them on one of their numerous boat cruises in Europe. If we stay friends why did Sam not propose to me? why have the marriage arranged? I asked him that and here’s what he said with paraphrasing by me.

He does not love me but he is willing to try. He is at a point in his life where he feels he should settle down with a wife and have kids in the next five years. He considered his past relationships and figured out what he wanted in his future wife; a girl who his family like and he could be friends with. He thought about me and spoke to his parents who spoke to my parents, three months down the line and here we are.

Another thing I omitted is I had no intentions of ever getting married. Now, I could ask you to wish me luck in my marriage but I am marrying Sam who is first a friend to me.

Please bear with me at my poor attempt to capture the idea of arranged marriages; there was a lot more I wanted to express but skipped. This is also submitted to the Daily Prompt. I’ve always thought arranged marriages impede on free will and now I really don’t have an opinion again because of the perspective I’ve tried to show through my character.

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Twenties Girl

If you were to judge your favorite book by its cover, would you still read it?

I have a thing for Sophie Kinsella. I love all her books (except the Shopaholic series). My favorite lighthearted book is Twenties Girl. I don’t have an all time favorite book as I group it by categories. There are several covers for Twenties Girl.

This is the one I got and yes I would still read it.


Another cover for US and CA market. I would not read it based on this cover

I don't know which market this is for but I'm on the fence about reading it based on this cover

I don’t know which market this is for but I’m on the fence about reading it based on this cover

Daily Prompt, General


Do you have animals in your life? If yes, what do they mean to you? If no, why have you opted not to?

My first pet as far as I remember was a puppy when I was 7 years old. It was a dog (I forget what breed), we named him Napoleon and my mother got really attached to him. One day I called his name and he was nowhere, it hit my mother harder that he went missing and we never got a pet again.

Technically we did have pets, chickens, mice, rabbit and when my mother’s sister was moving their dogs, Sandy and Blackie (mother and son), stayed at our place. They stayed for a while; Sandy got pregnant (I think it was through incest with Blackie) and had 3 puppies. I adopted one in my mind but my aunt came to get them a while.

Years later, I grew to dislike pets especially dogs plus I got scared of them maybe because of my failed attachments. When I moved to Canada, the host family I first stayed with had 2 dogs and a cat (I forget all their names but one was called Blackie). I gradually warmed up to pets.


I’ve been wanting to get a puppy for a while specifically a Maltese or Pekingese. A couple of friends have threaten to stay away from my house if I do get one.  The topic did not specify if the animals had to be real so let me introduce you to Dwigy who is technically a dog and one of my many plush animals.

I got Dwigy in December 2010. He spends a lot of time on my bed and he’s one of my confidant (yes! I talk to him, read here for more clarification: #2). I cuddle him when I’m about to go to sleep. Other times, he’s on my bookshelf hanging out with the rest of the gang.

Hello Everyone! My name is Tuti and I love plush animals!

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