I love this short by Disney Pixar and I must confess that I stalked the tumblr documenting the progress

Recently they released an extended clip. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did 🙂

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That is John Quincy Adams, the sixth and last Democratic-Republican president of the USA.

And now a quote from him:

“Are women to have no opinions or actions on subjects relating to the general welfare? Where did the gentleman get this principle? Did he find it in the sacred history (the Bible) – in the language of Miriam the prophetess, in one of the noblest and most sublime songs of triumph that ever met the human eye or ear? Did the gentleman never hear of Deborah, to whom the children of Israel came up for judgment? Has he forgotten the deed of Jael, who slew the dreaded enemy of her country? Has he forgotten Esther, who by her petition saved her people and her country?”

Why are women limited to fashion and relationships in magazines? I believe we need an alternative magazine that has more to offer.

By the way, Scandal is a really good show.