Ignoring the fact that this is from Apple from a moment, the words here are a good way of approaching things we do in life.

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Living happy

I stumbled on Sofia’s Journal‘s 100 Things That Make Me Happy and I started my list hoping I would have 100 in 50 weeks or less (fingers crossed).

I have done #1 – #5#6 – #10#11 – #15#16 – #20#21-#25#26 – #30#31 – #35#36 – #40, #41 – #50. I realized I haven’t continued this since August so I’m posting 10 things  again as opposed to my usual 5 per post. By the way, I’ve compiled my list of 100 60 things that make me happy.

#51. Manicured nails art

#52. Finding useful DIYs

#53. Creating menus for events

#54. Typography

#55. Not choosing between apps, pictures and music on my iPhone a.k.a. iPod Nano

#56. Bright open spaces.

#57. Learning more about colors

ROY G. BIV by Jude Stewart

#58. Handwritten notes

#59. Witty 404 pages

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#60. Working on new personal projects

p.s. this is my 100th post 🙂

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Finding purpose and heroes

I’ve spent my life wanting to be someone else and trying to shape myself into who I am not. I’ve also attempted to spend my life being who others expect of me. One thing I am slowly learning in all this is how much of a colossal failure I’ve become. By neglecting who I am truly meant to be, I have become of gumbo of different characters that I sometimes hate to look at in the mirror.

This past year, I like to think I have achieved feats in personal development. While I am still not the person I want to look at in the mirror and be proud, I am on the journey to being that child with a curious outlook of life and great disregard for distracting paths. Continue reading

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Mint Tablet

I was going to bed last night and I decided I just had to blog about money management because I was proud on how much restraint I showed.

A few weeks back, my bf was telling me to get a tablet because I have a unhealthy habit of ordering books from Chapters Indigo. To expand on that due to their new mobile app, free delivery for orders over $25 and I get great deals not buying in store; I always order a lot more books that I’ve finished reading.

As I pondered on getting a tablet, I posed a question on Facebook about making a choice between an iPad mini, a Nexus 7 or a Kobo. While I was leaning towards an iPad mini because I have an Apple ecosystem, I was curious about getting an Android device – it would be my first – and my mother loved her Kobo tablet. I decided to get a tablet only when I had the money – saved up – for it.

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Stories made in the coldest winter…

As illustrated by  snowshellyjackson

“To approach snow too closely is to forget what it is,” said the girl who cried snowflakes.

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“Through a microscope one discovers that there are many kinds of snow: those made up of tiny painting of shipwrecks in the style of Bonaventura Peeters, those made up of miniature bowls of wax fruit, very beautifully and realiztically formed, except for the size; those made up of the clippings of babies; and those made up of the trimmed and tattooed scalps of shrews used as money by certain native peoples of the southern Urals.

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There are snows made of clock faces and circular slie rules of maps to undiscovered countries, of the shattered breath clouds of those who have cried out for help unheard on a clear winter day.

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Obviously there is snow made of the unread letters of unloved lovers and metal snow made of discs with serrated edges, to mention only one of the innumerable members of the great class of the snows of war for there is no end to forms of cruelty.

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But there are innumerable kindly snow as well, such as those made of the golden crumbs of sleepy and dainty snows made of miniature ladies underpants, some with persimmon-colored ribbons woven through the lace, some embroidered with tiny green apples.

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There are hungry snow made of ground teeth and sacrificial snows made of…

p.s. In case you didn’t notice what I did, the complete title is: “Stories made in the coldest winter… to may of unloved snows ”

What other sentences can you make from her words?