Weekly Cravings 14032k14


My current bottle of Estee Lauder Sensuous Nude is almost empty

My eyes need glasses and I’ve had the prescription for a while now

I’ve have this book on my wishlist for a very long time

Mother Nature teased us with one day of spring weather and the next day we were back to Ice Age 😦 spring is actually my second favorite season after fall

Speaking of spring, I went window shopping on Sunday and decided I want this boots

P.S. Today is Pi day

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Weekly Cravings 24022k14

ONA | The Chelsea Saffiano leather camera bag

  • A train ride to Vancouver: A 4-day trip across 4 provinces (ON → MB → SK → BC)

  • Pancakes: After my disaster with creating a paleo pancakes during my paleo diet

Buttermilk Pancakes

  • A closet purge: Let’s face I wear less than half of the clothes in my closet.

The Power of a Closet Purge

  • Decor: A little something for the wall

Work It - White by SS Print Shop


Staying creative is tough but I am trying.